Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, today is the official celebration of Veteran’s Day which was yesterday November 11th. On the 11th day of the 11th month, at the 11th hour, the “War to End All Wars” ended. We should never forget those both civilian and military who sacrificed so much only to see the world plunged into war a mere 20 years later.

Veteran’s Day Parade, Yucca AZ

The world is a very different place from my youth.

Instead of the endless Cold War fears, it’s now become a battle between those who want the globalization of all to the detriment of most and those who prefer liberty and national identity. A favored few elite, who seem numb to the realities of the “modern” age, continue to consolidate power and control & are still in charge, and even while they are exposed, are still pulling all the levers in the media, in politics, and in culture.

I salute the working men and women of the military, the ones who really do make the day to day function in our Armed Forces. The military brass who shamelessly move from the Pentagon to the awaiting gold in the MIC, however, are not our friends, and many will need to be removed from power if we are ever to have a real defense that doesn’t bankrupt us. The misspent wealth of nations has lead to ruin again and again throughout history.

Remember our Veterans, they must never be forgotten. The mark of a “good” society is how it treats its’ widows, orphans, and veterans.

And now for our regularly scheduled service to Machu Picchu:

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