Real People, Really Good Coffee – Angela Patterson – Beale Street Brews

Angela Patterson – Beale Street Brews

Our Real People, Really Good Coffee this week spotlights Angela Patterson owner of Beale Street Brews in Kingman, Arizona. Angela has been a pivotal player in the revitalization of the downtown area. Along with her hip & friendly coffee shop, the Beale Street Gallery of Fine Arts has allowed many local artists to display their work. She also supports our direct market Curibamba coffee. Stop on by & say Hi!

Along the Heart of Old Route 66

Kingman is a central part of the historic Route 66. Once stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica, the “Mother Road”  now boasts the longest stretch (163 Miles) here, and Kingman is a fun filled spot to stop on your journey from Seligman to Topock where you can recreate and imagine yourself along the old time favorite highway in yesteryear.

Kingman is a historic town, with a long railroad history & it still has an old West atmosphere. Long a transportation center & crossroads location, millions of tourists travel through Kingman on their way to points east such as Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon, or west to California, the Mohave Desert & on to greater Southern California.

Where to stop for the best coffee in Kingman? Why, Beale Street Brews, of course.

Best Coffee for Miles

From the Beale Street Brews website:

Beale Street Brews (BSB) was established in July 2007. It is nestled in the illustrious Central Commercial Building in Historic Downtown Kingman, Arizona. The BSB features specialty coffees made from beans roasted in house, smoothies, Italian Sodas,  a variety of teas, beer, wine, Spirits, bagel sandwiches and homemade pastries.

The outdoor seating offers sunshine or shade with a smoking area. While indoor seating offers the comfort of an old historic building, large window seating with a view of history, and the aroma of fresh roasted and brewed coffee. Also adjacent to the BSB, just inside its front door, is the 980 sq. ft. home of the Beale St. Gallery of Fine Arts where Kingmans’ “1st Friday” was born, April 2008.

Since 2007, Beale Street Brews has become a favorite hangout for coffee connoisseurs, poets, writers, and anyone who enjoys a great beverage. We offer poetry slams, art and music. We proudly support the Arts  and of course, we are extremely eco-friendly.

With art deco flair, Beale Street Brews cleverly blends post modern and vintage styles to create a comfortable spot that welcomes beat poets and local business people alike. Being in a Rt. 66 town, our visitors come from miles around and lands afar.

Angela Patterson - Beale Street Brews

Angela Patterson – Beale Street Brews

Owner and master coffee roaster Angela Patterson opened Beale Street Brews, after several years of research. Angela had always pictured a coffee shop in the historic district of Kingman.  In fact, Beale Street Brews Coffee Shop was the beginning of the resurgence of downtown. People now had a reason to come downtown again!  Considering Angela’s love of Blues, and folk music, it was natural that she invited local artists to perform at the coffee shop. Several local poets approached Angela and asked if she would host poetry readings. Her answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes” Now, Beale Street Brews is attracting a large crowd for “KABAM” that is part of a national wide literacy event.

Always Something to Do

Main events are going on all year in Historic Down Town. May, Route 66 month, starts off it’s first weekend with the “Route 66 Fun Run”. The first Saturday of May through September the Rt. 66 Cruizers host a street party every third Saturday of the month starting at 6 pm. About the beginning of April is “KaBam!” The “Street Drags” are the third weekend of September. “Andy Devine Parade” and Rodeo is the last weekend of September. “Fall Festival” is the second weekend of October followed by “Halloween Trick or Trunk” at the end of the month. The first Saturday of December is the “Parade of Lights”.

More than atmosphere, amazing art, cozy comforts, and special events, Beale Street Brews will always be about the coffee. From in house freshly roasted fair-trade coffees, to the finest  espresso blend, Beale Street Brews creates every drink with passion and attention.


Beal Street Brews Café Kingman, AZ

More Than Coffee – Supporting the Arts & Literacy

The 1st Friday events at the gallery welcome new artists monthly to display their work. In addition to the gallery, Angela helps support local musicians & solo performers via an open mic night twice monthly. She also supports regular efforts to improve literacy.

Angela’s efforts have helped to restore the downtown area to it’s former prominence in Kingman, and has attracted several other restaurants, and even a wine bar. On the weekends downtown has now become the place to be for all ages. It’s refreshing to see an area that had begun to languish in the 90s restored to become a meeting point for young & old.

Behind the Scenes

Angela is a master roaster who rises early to roast the freshest coffee for not only consumption in the bustling coffee shop, but for those who crave fresh roasted beans for home coffee savoring. She can be found at 5:00 am, busily toasting the latest coffees for her tasty espresso blend, or favorite roasts of her faithful customers.

Besides a dedication to fine coffee, Angela is also an accomplished baker. Whether it’s a blueberry scone, or a delicious muffin these rich treats will leave you craving just one more sinfully delicious bite.

The Gallery of Fine Arts

What better way to promote the community than through consistent support of the arts. The Beale Street Gallery of Fine Arts has become a hub for local artists & photographers to show off their best work.

BSB Fine Arts Gallery

Tasty Treats at BSB

Fighting to Preserve and Vitalize Downtown Kingman

Angela has always been on the forefront of the movement to conserve and improve downtown. She is committed to having not just another touristy souvenir area along Route 66, but a real destination where all would want to come.

From a recent news article:

Kingman Courthouse

“The vision I had for downtown Kingman doesn’t differ from the basic downtown of any town,” Patterson said. “You go into Flagstaff or Williams, they’re turning into a souvenir hodge-podge. You see the same things. I hope that doesn’t happen to downtown Kingman. Diversity is good.”Patterson was happy to learn that an art supply store is taking space vacated by the bead store on Fourth Street, though she’d still like to have a bead store in the area.”We need to educate people who’ve lived here for years and who don’t even know we’re down here,” the coffee shop owner added. “If they don’t like Kingman growing bigger, then come downtown. You get the small-town atmosphere.”

via Coffee retailer: Souvenir stores not the answer – Kingman Daily Miner.

When asked what she hoped to see happen in downtown Kingman in the next 5 years, Angela remarked that more retail would be a definite plus. A variety of stores & less offices, making the downtown area “the place to shop.” She hopes to see fresh thinking  entrepreneurs and owners do more with the existing historic buildings.

Jamming at the Open Mic

Supporting Direct Market Coffee Buying & Buy “Local”

Angela supports small family farmers through her support of our direct market brand Curibamba coffee. Stop by and enjoy a rich cup of this fine Peruvian java.

When asked if there was anything that she’d like to share with the farmers and customers, she said that for every level of the coffee business (and any business in Kingman,) she hopes that individuals will take the initiative to learn more about the entrepreneurs and small business owners, regardless if it’s here in our home town, or in a small family farm in a distant country. In coffee, the best can often be found in small family farms, just as it is here with local farmers & ranchers.

These are real people that work and spend money in our communities & deserve our patronage.

Friendly Service at Beale Street Brews

On Specialty Coffee

I asked Angela what she thought the future of Specialty Coffee will be & particularly in Kingman. She spoke of the trend today in coffee as being somewhat subject to the whims of the latest “fad” in coffee. One detects an air of a traditional craft coffee roaster in her voice, and one of a coffee purist. From hours and hours over years, Angela has honed her roasts to maximize the best flavor of each bean. You may not get that at the big chain store. No matter whether it’s the perfect roast for your taste, or flavored & iced coffees, BSB has something for every coffee lover.

One of the reviews I found online:

Best brew in AZ on 66

Brews of the Day


Located in Old Town just off 66, this java haven is a must stop on The Route. We savored a scrumptious berry strudel and expertly brewed lattes–the best brew we’d had since 910 Coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also enjoyed philosophizing with the owner/barista, who roasts her own beans. Be sure to check out the selection of fine poetry in the small library under the counter. Definitely one of the best caffeinated kicks on 66!



Can Coffee change the world? You’re helping support the arts, literacy, local musicians as well as small family coffee growers just by enjoying some great fresh roasted beans at Beale Street Brews. So stop by, kick off your journey along Route 66 with some highly delicious strudel & a café americano to go. Don’t be in a hurry, you might just want to stick around a while…

©2015 Ben Gangloff

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