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Here’s a few more for your reading enjoyment. Have a great week & a safe Halloween!

Coffee prices have been rising as stocks deplete and demand grows (Bloomberg)

Millennials are driving the high demand for coffee (Bloomberg)

Adult Coffee Art Latte Competition in Vancouver (Roast)

Coffee brewing techniques for all your outdoor adventures (Perfect Daily Grind)

At a coffee Halloween party (Sprudge)

Halloween Latte Art – Cool! (Sprudge)

Coffee is Ok for heart attack patients

Boom in the number of US Coffee shops to continue (CoffeeTalk)

Stunning map shows all the river basins in the US (Daily Mail – UK)


Coffee Fest Panama September 3-4: First Specialty Coffee Event

Why It’s Time for Panama’s Coffee Fest

Although we’re beginning to see changes, it’s still true that specialty coffee is far less likely to be drunk in producing countries than in consuming ones. Panama is no exception to this. The country has been renowned for its high-quality beans for over a decade, but until recently the average Panamian citizen didn’t have any access to them.

Fortunately, this is starting to change, in a movement led by coffee shops and roasteries. Today, Panamanians can drink Geisha and other award-winning beans locally – although this fact is still not well-known or well-advertised.

Coffee Fest, the country’s first specialty coffee event open to the public, will be a part of this movement. The organisers hope that it will motivate local consumers to learn about and engage with the specialty industry. In this way, they aim to promote the consumption of good-quality beans and also help Panamian coffee drinkers to understand how special their country’s coffee truly is.

Full article with info: Introducing Panama’s First Public Specialty Event: Coffee Fest – Perfect Daily Grind

2016 New Year’s Coffee Links

Happy New Year 2016! We start a new year, a little fresher, perhaps reminiscent. Wherever we are today, one thing is for sure: last year is over. Welcome New Year, and may it bring the best to all of us.

I’ve been able to do some reading over the holidays in between family, and odd bits of work that cropped up. Here are some that I feel worthy of your attention:

Ethical Coffee

Modern Slavery in the Coffeelands

This eight part series by Michael Sheridan investigates Brazils efforts to reduce slavery in agriculture. A must read.

Three Reasons Why You Should Drink Direct Market Coffee From the vault…

Equity for Coffee Farmers via Fortune

Odds & Ends

A Photo Journey to La Revancha Estate

A Coffee Bar Recording Studio in Brooklyn Via Sprudge: A Coffee Loving Musicians dream studio

Dating a Coffee Lover 5 Things You Need to Know Lots of good info on what makes your coffee loving significant other tick. Via: Perfect Daily Grind

The Rise of the Robot Barista: Fact or Fiction

Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles Seek Expanded Latin Trade

Coffee crisis to hit within three years as finer tastes lead to shortage

Best wishes for a truly happy and prosperous 2016!

Everything you need to know about coffee acidity

Often in conversations about coffee, someone will comment that “oh the coffee was really acidy,” and what they’re talking about is the bitterness of a cup of coffee that perhaps wasn’t fresh, had been poorly prepared, or is just the run of the mill swill that tries to pass for coffee in the majority of places outside of specialty coffee shops.

But acidity in the coffee world is actually a good thing. Recently, Perfect Daily Grind (link here.) published a terrific article about acidity in coffee, and explained the differences, and how to differentiate when you’re tasting coffee:

Coffee Science: What’s Acidity?

“Mm, cranberries, with a distinctly orangey acidity… mm… and red wine,” said the barista to my right, furiously jotting this down on his little notebook.

“Oh yeah, definitely a bright orange, but maybe more like tangerine?” the other barista to my left chimed in.

“Oh yeah, tangerine, definitely orangey,” I nervously added, desperate to seem as avid a coffee geek as everyone else at the table. Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Single Origin Coffee


Here at A Little Further South we promote Direct Market, and single origin coffees. These are coffees that we buy from small farmers, everything is traceable, and we actually get to see the operations behind the coffees that we are importing.

Here’s an article that appeared in the “Perfect Daily Grind.” Please read the excerpt, and click on the link for the full article. Enjoy!

Single origin is a small phrase with a big definition. The meaning’s often simplified to a coffee that’s sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Single farm and single estate mean that the coffee is sourced from one farm, mill, or co-operative. Then you can go a step further and find coffee labels that tell you the estate name, the specific lot or paddock the coffee was grown on, or if it’s a microlot (a specific varietal from a specific farm).

Yet this isn’t all that single origin means.

Read more