Peruvian Chef Detained at LAX with 40 Piranhas

It’s hard to get fresh fish, so much so that at least one chef tried to bring in some piranha.

Peruvian chef with 40 frozen piranhas detained for 5 hours at LAX.

What a drag, am I right? There’s never a seat at the Sammy Hagar/KISS/Jimmy Buffet/other celebrity-centered bar, the coffee’s expensive, the power outlets are scarce, and you can’t even get 40 frozen piranhas through customs in peace.

Source: The Takeout | Food News, recipes, cooking tips, and taste tests.

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When we’re in Peru, we always eat more fish. The Humboldt current brings up cold water from the very south Pacific, and the fishing is good in Peru. We eat Sea Bass for $3.40/lb. It’s enough to spoil one…