Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a look back at an old Llama pack train…

A Llama Pack-Train (Photo : Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

A look back to the Sacred Valley between Cuzco & Machu Picchu.

Inca ruins Near Machu Picchu in the Sacred Valley

Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a vintage photo taken in 1968 by Julio Carbacho Photography. (Via Cardcow)

Machu Picchu Photo 1968

Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a vintage photo from the “floating islands” near Puno, Peru.

Floating Islands near Puno

Tbt: Old Peru

Vintage photo from Barranco, which today is an artist district. Always fun to visit…

La Laguna, Barranco (Photo : Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Happy Thursday, and have a nice weekend too!

Embroidered Viva Peru from 1917 (via Cardcow)

Viva Peru 1917

Tbt: Old Peru

Another look back. This is a picture that includes the comet of 1901. For more about the great comet of 1901, see here.

The Exposition Palace:

Palacio de la Exposicion y el Cometa

Tbt: Old Lima

Thursday already? Sheez, I have too much to do…enjoy & have an amazing weekend.

Here’s an old shot of the Plaza de Armas in Lima. It’s a historic and delightful place.

Vista a la Plaza De Armas, Lima Peru (Photo : Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s another Thursday look back. We’re off to Wyoming, and the total solar eclipse. Have a good weekend!

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