A Coffee Cup Made From Coffee Grounds

Here’s another great way to reuse the vast amounts of coffee grounds created daily. At home, all of our grounds end up in the garden (especially good for alkaline soil.) However, for most commercial coffee enterprises these valuable remnants of tasty cups enjoyed are then discarded. Rather than wasting not only the grounds themselves, but also the energy to move them, and the landfill space to bury them, check out this more practical use via Sprudge:

Climate change, with its rising temperatures and new rainfall patterns, could limit the areas where Arabica coffee plants can be grown in the next 50 years, researchers say. At the same time, global coffee consumption is at a very high level and with it comes more coffee waste. Other industries beyond retail cafes also recognize the qualities the coffee plant has to offer, and are using coffee grounds in agricultural production; grounds can also be formed into biomass pellets to create a clean form of energy, or even be used to power homes because of their ability to store methane. Along these sustainable lines, a small startup in Berlin is now creating coffee cups and saucers from used coffee grounds, and they call it Kaffeeform.

Julian Lechner, an industrial design graduate, started experimenting with coffee grounds that he picked up at public bars during his studies in Bolzano, Italy. It took him about four years to find the formula that now is Kaffeeform. The idea behind the invention is clear: recycling existing resources like coffee that are limited and would be otherwise carelessly discarded. One cup and saucer can be made from the waste of six consumed cups of espresso.

Full Article Here: Kaffeeform: A Coffee Cup Made From Coffee Grounds : Sprudge