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This week in our ongoing blog series, “Real People, Really Good Coffee,” we visit Glenn & Stefanie Frank of Frankly Good Coffee in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Franks are dedicated coffee lovers, and are committed to producing the freshest most flavorful coffee. You can find them at Farmers markets around town.


Frankly Good Coffee – A Las Vegas Farmers Market Tradition

Some years back, Stefanie complained about the lack of good coffee in her household & at the local store. Glenn, being a loving husband, responded by bringing home a small home coffee roaster & some fresh green coffee beans. The first batch of green beans went up in smoke literally, but after a little tweaking the Franks began producing delicious fresh roasted coffee at home. A chance visit to a farmers market in Tucson led to the discovery of Sonofresco air coffee roasters, and the idea for Frankly Good Coffee was born.

Fast forward to today, and Frankly Good Coffee has become a fixture at the Farmers Market scene in Las Vegas. Glenn attributes their success to the high quality air roasting that he uses. Air roasting produces a clean, crisp tasting coffee which preserves the point of origin flavors. Shunning traditional coffee makers, Glenn uses pour-over or a coffee press to make the fresh flavorful coffee that customers crave.

Frankly Good Coffee uses the finest coffees, most of which are certified organic and/or Fair Trade Certified. They offer a variety of specialty coffees with many different origins.

In order to prepare the freshest coffee possible,  Glenn has custom made a trailer especially designed for coffee preparation. From a propane powered espresso maker, to an on demand hot water heater, Frankly Good Coffee may have the best mobile coffee shop in town.

Fresh Coffee is Best (Image Frankly Good Coffee)

Air Roasting Fresh Coffee

The Franks use a Sonofresco Air Roaster which evenly roasts the beans, and makes for a fun visual & aromatic experience as the coffee roasts right in front of your eyes. It’s been a big hit at the markets as there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh roasted coffee.

Glenn Frank on Air Roasting: Why Air Roasting Makes Awesome Coffee

The chemical change in the bean that results from roasting is achieved differently in each method. In drum roasting the final temperature is much hotter (sometimes up to 800 degrees F). This, combined with the need for the beans to be “stirred,” can sometimes produce charring, which leads to bitterness, burnt taste and some other side effects. With air roasting the beans are more uniformly roasted.

Air roasting is typically done in smaller batches, which allows for tighter control over the process. Air roasting produces: A smooth cup of coffee Great taste and intense aroma Rich flavor – full body can be achieved by French pressing (our recommended brew method)

Sonofresco air roaster (Photo: Frankly Good Coffee)

Via: Farmers Market Locations

Wednesday, 4-8pm

Las Vegas Farmers Market at Bruce Trent Park Address 1600 N. Rampart Drive (Rampart & Vegas Drive) Las Vegas, NV 89102

Directions: North on Interstate 95 toward Reno, exit Summerlin Parkway and go to exits to Rampart. Turn right (north) two blocks and the park is on your right.

Thursday, 9am-2pm

Country Fresh Farmers Market on Water Street in Henderson Address 240 Water Street Henderson, NV

Directions: From Interstate 215 take Lake Mead east bound. Turn right at Water Street. The Market will be on your right after you’ve gone a few blocks

Friday, 10am-2pm

Country Fresh Farmers Market Location 200 S Green Valley Parkway

Directions: Go south from 215, market is near the Multigen Center on Green Valley Parkway

Sunday, 8:30am-1pm

Fresh 52 Farmers and Artisan Market at Sansone Place Address 9480 S. Eastern Las Vegas, NV 89123

Directions: Take I 215 to Eastern Avenue, go south on Eastern. Turn left on Richmar into shopping center.

Frankly Good Coffee at Country Fresh Farmers Market – Henderson, Nevada

Freshness Over All

The Franks value freshness in their coffee as the most important goal. Rather than “mass production” coffee for sale, only the freshest just roasted coffee is offered. While many larger roasters will offer a shelf life of 3-4 weeks for their whole bean coffees, the Franks insist on no more than 7 days. So if you want the best flavor in your coffee, stop by the markets & pick up some fresh!

Supporting Curibamba Coffee

Frankly Good Coffee is supportive of the Curibamba Coffee Project & our work with Peruvian coffee farmers. (You may see Glenn roast some Curibamba when you stop by.)

When asked what he might say to the farmers in Peru, Glenn said, “Keep growing great coffee.”  Special thanks to Glenn & Stefanie Frank for their tireless devotion to craft coffee & ethically sourced beans.

Fresh Coffee – Frankly Good

Visit Frankly Good Coffee

Stop by any of the above farmers Markets in Greater Las Vegas, or click below for online contact info.

On the web: Frankly Good Coffee

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