Real People, Really Good Coffee (Update April 2015)


The month has flown by already and the time is ticking downward until our return trip to Peru & the rainforests of Chanchamayo. It’s been a whirlwind of good things & even better people that have come onto our paths in the coffee journey.

All of our Curibamba coffee has been sold. (We did keep a little more to roast.) Now, we can focus on this years’ harvest & the challenges of cupping & teaching, and working with our partner farmers to ensure the best coffee possible. We have a big task ahead of us this year.

It’s funny how that went, the selling of the coffee that is. It was much harder than I had anticipated. The coffee world is full of wonderful coffee, so much of which has a story. A story of origin, a story of a family, of a small village, or connected neighbors, tirelessly trying to eke out a living from coffee.

Buying green coffee beans from someone “new” means one more dollar spent away from a regular source, who is perhaps a trusted friend, or a long time reliable partner. It means taking a chance on an unknown, a new country, a new region, a new importer, a new coffee altogether. It’s not easy to get the attention needed to tell the story of the coffee.

There is a story though, and I’m going to continue to tell it. The farmers in the small corners of the world whether it be in a Peruvian Rainforest, or a war torn area in Africa need to be heard, and more importantly take their rightful place as full partners in the coffee supply chain. We’ve met others on a similar quest, they inspire us to continue when little fears and obstacles appear, as they often do in any venture that matters.

We did sell the coffee and made many friends along the way. This year promises to be extremely exciting however challenging, so stay tuned.


Near Lamas Peru



© 2015 Ben Gangloff

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