Machu Picchu on Sale


From Peru This Week:

By Agnes Rivera


Machu Picchu issues promotional admission fees


All Peruvians citizens and residents take note: Machu Picchu is having a sale.

In an effort to disperse the swarm of tourists that prefer visiting the Inca ruin in the morning hours, a promotional admission fee will be offered during the afternoon hours.

During the next six months, adults will be able to enter after 1 p.m. for S/. 45, while Peruvian students and foreigners residing in Peru can pay just S/. 22. These prices are expected to be available within the next few weeks.

According to the nation’s Minister of Education, Diana Alvares Calderon, 80% of Machu Picchu’s visitors arrive in the morning hours. What’s more, a greater number of entrants are reportedly allowed in than the originally agreed upon 2,500 tourists per day.

The temporary prices were announced Wednesday by the Ministry of Culture, with motives lessen tourist pressure and to increase accessibility.

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