5 Must See Natural Areas in Peru for 2015

Between meeting with potential green coffee clients, roasting coffee, and hosting family in town, it’s been a busy week. Here’s an article I thought you might enjoy.

Here’s the top 5 must see areas in Peru for your 2015 trip:

From Peru this Week:

5 natural areas that you need to visit in 2015

The National Service of Protected Natural Areas of the State (Sernanp) recommends visiting the following five, especially, for their beauty, economy, and environmental contribution to culture. Want to know where to go?

1. Tingo Maria National Park: The oldest natural area in the country now has a new route for tourism called Tres de Mayo. There you can visit the Cave of the Owls, with new routes that include bird watching, tours of orchid gardens, and camping.

Cave of the Owls www.flickriver.com

2. Palomino Island and Cavinzas: The sea lions’ habitat lays in the vast Lima coast, facing the district of La Punta. Beginning this month, the islands can be sailed to by authorized boats.

3. Machu Picchu sanctuary: By far the most visited tourist destination in all of the country, will have a new route for El Camino Inca. The one day tour is easier to perform than the regular journey of three. (See also Machu Picchu on Sale)

4. Huascaran National Park: For some time now the visitors have seen the effects of climate change. With almost 3 km. to travel on horseback through the desolate slopes of what was the Pastoruri snow, this journey constitutes as the only experience of its kind in Latin America.

5. Paracas National Reserve: The entity has renewed, for an additional year, the promotional tour of S/. 15 ($5.00) to Ballestas and Paracas, instead of the previous rate of S/. 10 ($3.35) per destination.

Huascaran National Park Peru (Via Pinterest)

Sea Lions, Paracas, Peru

So make your plans, and don’t forget these top 5 must see areas for your trip to Peru. Hasta luego…

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