Massive Flooding in the Peruvian Rain Forest

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The weather is different for us this year in northwest Arizona. While we could be having rain or cold temps, we’re instead seeing an advanced Spring & near record temperatures. Our friends in the northeast and Midwest are buried in snow, and our friends in the rainforest of central & northern Peru are suffering torrential rains, landslides and even communities trapped due to flooding or roadways blocked by landslide debris and dirt.

The Province of San Martin has declared a state of emergency, one whole village wants to relocate to higher ground, and the people of the port city of Yurimaguas have been unable to leave via land because the main road is blocked.


San Martin

A state of emergency has been declared for 60 days in several large areas bordering the Huallaga River in San Martin.

via El Comercio (Bing Translator)

San Martín Regional Council approved the Declaration of emergency in the provinces of Mariscal Cáceres, Bellavista, pillory and San Martin, 60 days to serve victims and damage that caused the overflow of the rivers Huallaga and Huayabamba.

The Huallaga River is located in 16 and 32 centimeters above its level of overflow in the provinces of Tocache and pillory, respectively, San Martín region, increasing considerably its volume by heavy rainfall in the past 24 hours.

The national service of meteorology and hydrology regional explained that you due to this situation, in the next few hours, are expected to flood into the cities again progress, Zion, El Valle, Shumanza, Bell, Juanjui, Bellavista, Panama, La Libertad, Porvenir, San Rafael, San José, San Hilarión and Puerto Rico.

Likewise, in the Lower Huallaga, in the towns of Shapaja, Chazuta, Chipaota, Yarina, Achinamiza, Leticia, Pucallpillo, Miraflores, Inayuca, Navarro, Tipishca, reform, San Antonio, Asunción, Mercedes, Papaplaya, pale, San Luis, Pamplora, Porto Alegre and low areas of Yurimaguas, Loreto.

The regional government is installing temporary classroom modules so that classes can resume as the floodwaters recede.


In Satipo many of the roadways have been damaged or washed away, and the ground is literally subsiding under part of one village.

via El Comercio (Bing Translator)

So far in the year, rains in the lowland of Junin have caused that the bases of the Hill fortress on which is located the Villa annex Junínsinking. The displacement of land has damaged homes and public establishments (such) as schools, medical posts, roads as well as large areas of cultivation.

Tununtunumba – The Village that wants to Move to Higher Ground

In Tununtunumba the flooding is so severe that the village has reluctantly decided to accept a government offer to move to higher ground.

via El Comercio (Bing Translator)

It‘s been 15 days since the Huallaga river overflowed – as it has not been in recent years–and flooded several coastal locations. Among them, one of the hardest hit is Watherfalls, Chazuta, San Martín district. The sun burns now to this town of a few thousand inhabitants, where became the trade. Although there was no loss of life, the entire population has been affected and feels fear for a new scourge of nature.

The water exceeded (a) meter in height and damaged the flimsy homes of wood; it caused losses of crops, death of animals; It left large puddles, mud everywhere and high humidity (and) exposed to diseases the children. “A midnight increased flow. We used boats to move to the background. (high ground) People screaming, children were very concerned,”recalls Artemio Apagueño Panayo on the morning of January 22. The water remained until Thursday, (he) added.

“Our parents and grandparents did not want to (leave,) even though the authorities proposed. “But seeing the opportunity, we do“, says Apagueno, father of three children aged 8, 11 and 15. “It is our fault. In 1976, there was another flood that swept away houses and animals. There they were willing to relocate, gave excuses and we didn’t. But now we have seen the reality,” says Eva Tapullima Sangama, aged 47 years.


The Peruvian Air Force had to evacuate over 1,600 people from the port city of Yurimaguas, which is cut off to land access due to landslides destroying the roadway.

Photo El Comercio

via El Comercio (Bing Translator)

The air force of Peru (FAP) evacuated 1,669 inhabitants affected due to landslides, product of heavy rains, the Tarapoto Yurimaguas road in the region San Martín.

In total the ‘air bridge’, organized by the group air N ° 42 of the FAP, made 74 trips in about 32 hours of flight to rescue the affected people of San Martin. Two DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft were used.

Monday was conducted 7 flights that moved to 95 people. Due to the size of the emergency, on Tuesday February 03 18 flights were carried out and evacuated affected 422; Wednesday 25 flights were mobilized to 463 people and, finally, Thursday 24 flights and were managed to evacuate to 689 people.

Real People, Really Good Coffee

We’ve been planning a trip to help install solar coffee drying tents for several communities in Junin later this month. We’re anxiously awaiting news…

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