Peruvian & Bolivian Experts to Measure Lake Titicaca Depth

Lake Titicaca by volume is the largest lake in all of South America. At over 12,000 ft. high, it is considered the highest navigable body of water in the world.

Recently, it was decided to measure the depth, and take better measurements of the lake.

Via El Comercio Peru (Google translate & authors corrections for clarity.)

Experts from Peru and Bolivia will measure the depth of Lake Titicaca, located over 3,500 meters above sea level, to adopt measures aimed at the preservation of this natural resource shared by both nations.

The president of the Binational Autonomous Authority of Lake Titicaca (ALT), Alfredo Mamani, told reporters that the task, which has not been done for 40 years, will be entrusted to 17 experts.

In 1977, the study noted that the maximum depth of Lake Titicaca was 300 meters in an area which corresponds to the Peruvian sovereignty. “It could be that the depth of now is less or has moved,” said Mamani.

Measuring jobs require an investment of $500,000 and will be performed by the Hydrography Naval Navy of Peru (DHN) and the National Naval Hydrology Service of Bolivia (SNHN).

Mapping the Poorest of Peru: Report


Peru has made great strides in the fight against poverty. As the economy has grown, many areas have seen a reduction n the poverty rate. Sadly though, some areas remain entrenched in poor economic conditions, and have seen little improvement according to a report published in El Comercio Peru.
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Cusco: seniors pass on their ancestral knowledge


A meeting to share the knowledge of ancient Peruvian cultures from the old to the young is taking place in Cuzco. Via El Comercio Peru (Google translate)

A “Meeting of sagesbrings together 40 representatives from the provinces of Calca, Quispicanchis, Canchis, Canas and Chumbivilcas.

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Peru News Roundup

Peru News

Fresh Peruvian Asparagus & Blueberries will be exported to the US according to a recent article in El Comercio. Both countries are developing systems to mitigate the risk of pests such as the fruit fly and allow more a more open process for exports to the US.
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Peru Coffee News, Clips – Goodbye Coke


I try to keep up with the news as much as I can, and Yrma often points out things that may be of interest. We watch with particular attention to news that affect the Peruvian economy, and we tend to focus of course on agricultural imports, in particular coffee & chocolate. Here’s several translated articles that you may enjoy.


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More Uncertainty for the Peruvian Economy


Depending on who you talk to or read these days, the Peruvian economy is robust, or slowing. While officials remain upbeat & expect economic growth to be close to 5%, they missed the mark by nearly half last year. (see Why the Peruvian Economy Matters to the World) While the continued decline of the Sol vs the USD is supportive of export growth, the fact that 50% of all debt in Peru is denominated in dollars will offset any gains from a lower national currency.

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Massive Flooding in the Peruvian Rain Forest

Musician – Lima, Peru


The weather is different for us this year in northwest Arizona. While we could be having rain or cold temps, we’re instead seeing an advanced Spring & near record temperatures. Our friends in the northeast and Midwest are buried in snow, and our friends in the rainforest of central & northern Peru are suffering torrential rains, landslides and even communities trapped due to flooding or roadways blocked by landslide debris and dirt.

The Province of San Martin has declared a state of emergency, one whole village wants to relocate to higher ground, and the people of the port city of Yurimaguas have been unable to leave via land because the main road is blocked.
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Recipe: Want a cremolada to beat the heat? Learn how to prepare it! – Peru this Week


Recently, a family member started preparing cremoladas in Tarapoto, Peru. Cremoladas are what we would call fruit smoothies. The best part of a Peruvian cremolada is the amazing fruits that are available. Very delicious! Here’s an article about a cremolada shop in Miraflores.

I realize for many in the US today, the thought of icy cold drinks may not be appealing. Think summer!
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