Tbt: Old Lima

A classic postcard…

Santo Domingo Church Lima, Peru (Photo : Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Lima

Thursday already? Sheez, I have too much to do…enjoy & have an amazing weekend.

Here’s an old shot of the Plaza de Armas in Lima. It’s a historic and delightful place.

Vista a la Plaza De Armas, Lima Peru (Photo : Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Lima

Here’s a look back at the Plaza de Armas, Lima

Lima Plaza de Armas. Peru. (Via Cardcow)

Tbt Old Peru

Palacio de Justicia from a 1958 Postcard, Lima Peru


Old Water Wheel On A Primitive Coffee Plantation

Peru News Roundup

Peru News

Fresh Peruvian Asparagus & Blueberries will be exported to the US according to a recent article in El Comercio. Both countries are developing systems to mitigate the risk of pests such as the fruit fly and allow more a more open process for exports to the US.
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Christmas in Lima


Spending Christmas away from home in Northwest Arizona is hard sometimes, but on the other hand, it is summer in Lima and the days are longer & the weather generally nice. Today, we’ll spend some time at the Plaza de Armas to see this years Christmas decorations, and let the pictures  do most of the talking…


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