Real People, Really Good Coffee Update July 2015

Here’s the final 2015 Coffee lineup:

It’s all happening right now! We’ll be traveling back to Villa Rica for the final peeling, cleaning, weighing & rebagging of the coffee for export this week. From there, it’s off to Lima and Customs before shipping to LA.

Curibamba – This is year three of the Curibamba Coffee Project, and we’re seeing wonderful results from the growers. We should end up with about 1,400 pounds. A bright acidity with light fruit & herbal overtones, plus a hint of nuts.

This is the coffee that launched our company – A Little Further South. Your purchase helps support small family farmers as we buy this coffee directly from the producers. More Than Fair Certified.
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Curibamba Coffee Workshops June 2015


This post is about the second in a series of workshops for the growers in the Curibamba Coffee Project held June 27-28. For more info, see below for other links.


After our visit to FInca El Dorado (see here,) we continued on to San Ramon. The day was late, and we barely made it before dark. Exhausted after so many days of traveling & all things coffee, we check into a new hostal to see how it will be. It’s priced right, and the internet seems to work, so we may have new digs for our trips to San Ramon. (Hostal Santa Domingo – S/.40 per night about $12.63 at this time.)
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Curibamba Workshops, A Conversation with Ignacio Medina

This past weekend, we journeyed to Chanchamayo for the first of a series of workshops to promote good harvest and post harvest techniques with the local coffee growers. We met with representatives from Edegel, non profit AVSI, and Tostaduria Bisetti of Lima. We also had the good fortune to be accompanied by world renowned food critic & prolific author Ignacio Medina. Ignacio is well known for his discerning palate and is an expert on Latin American cuisine . Read more

First Coffee Workshops for Curibamba Growers This Week

This week we travel to Chanchamayo for the first in a series of workshops for the coffee growers there. This year world coffee prices are low, so our focus will be on coffee quality above all else. Our direct market philosophy doesn’t pay any attention to the bulk wholesale price of coffee, but to a sustainable, equitable pricing that allows for the growers to receive a just price for their coffee. Rather than have some good years, and then years of low prices and economic stagnation for the farmers, we pay a higher, consistent price every year. When prices are low like now, we can insist on better quality and attention to care of the new crop because we’re the best option that actually pays an ethical price. When prices are high though, we’re still able to get great coffee because we’ve built an actual relationship rather than just being another buyer.
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Real People, Really Good Coffee May 2015


Parchment Coffee beans

It’s May and in Peru it is the beginning of the coffee harvest season. Soon, we’ll be heading to Lima and from there to the eastern Andes & the rainforests of Chanchamayo. It’s exhilarating and exciting, yet fraught with uncertainties and that uncomfortable background feeling that one gets when faced with the unknown.

We’re still uncertain how many of the small communities of growers were affected by the massive flooding this year & how the coffee quality will be this year. (see Torrential Rains & Mudslides Continue to Plague Peru.)
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Real People, Really Good Coffee Update March 2015

Another month has flown by, and here we are in March already.  We did however manage to get all of the materials for the solar coffee drying tents lined up, and they all have a waiting space in San Ramon for installation in May.

Meanwhile, we’re focused on the move. Just to bring you up to speed, our place in Lima is going to be needed by the owners, so we’ve decided to relocate home base in Peru to the cloud forest region of San Martin province and the tropical city of Tarapoto. Everything is lined up, we’re just waiting until the last possible moment to do the final wrap. It quite literally is a wrap, as we’ll be covering up everything that’s not in a box (and those too) in shrink wrap. Everything goes tomorrow!

We had wanted to go to Chanchamayo this trip personally, but there were many washed out roads & even impassable river crossings, so we just decided to focus on the growing season ahead (see Massive Flooding in the Peruvian Rainforest, and  Torrential Rains & Mudslides Continue to Plague Peru.)
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Curibamba Coffee (It’s special to be a good coffee bean)

This blog post is a shameless promotion of our first import from Peru – Curibamba Specialty Coffee. It does however recap our adventures as we journeyed to the central rainforest of Peru & gives one a glimpse into the journey that your delicious coffee makes to arrive in your cup. Enjoy! (Reposted)

Wholesale green coffee beans, click here or call (928) 530-1235


For roasted coffee visit our coffee shop.


For green coffee beans for the home roaster our click here.


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Real People, Really Good Coffee – David Torres Bisetti

David Bisetti

This week in Real People, Really Good Coffee we’ll visit with our good friend:

David Torres Bisetti – Lima, Peru

Several years ago, I had the good fortune of connecting with David Torres Bisetti at the Mistura Gastronomy Fair in Lima, and through that association met the people involved in the Curibamba project in Chanchamayo, Peru. David is quiet with a soft spoken nature, but you quickly sense his dedication and expertise with coffee. It’s a passion in him that dates back to his grandparents in 1958.

Today, he’s the owner of two coffee shops in Lima, one in Larcomar in Miraflores, and the more recent Tostaduria Bisetti in the historic artist district of Barranco.
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