Peruvian Coffee Exports Down in April

 From an article in Gestion Peru: (Via Google Translate & authors correction)

Peruvian coffee exports totaled 40,371 bags in April, down 9.7% from the 44.685 bags of the same month last year, according to the Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cacao.

In the first four months of the year, exports fell 64% to 160,584 from 443,481 bags in the same period of 2014, said Luis Navarro, president of the group based in Lima. Each bag weighs 60 kg or 132 lbs.

According to figures from the Chamber, shipments in 2015 showed the slowest pace since at least 2005.

They (exports) experienced a drop amid low stocks remaining from the previous season, while the rains delayed the harvest that began last month and usually reaches its peak in July.

Peru is the third largest coffee producer in South America, after Brazil and Colombia.

Source: Exportaciones peruanas de café (Gestion via Google Translate) 

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Curibamba Workshops, A Conversation with Ignacio Medina

This past weekend, we journeyed to Chanchamayo for the first of a series of workshops to promote good harvest and post harvest techniques with the local coffee growers. We met with representatives from Edegel, non profit AVSI, and Tostaduria Bisetti of Lima. We also had the good fortune to be accompanied by world renowned food critic & prolific author Ignacio Medina. Ignacio is well known for his discerning palate and is an expert on Latin American cuisine . Read more

First Coffee Workshops for Curibamba Growers This Week

This week we travel to Chanchamayo for the first in a series of workshops for the coffee growers there. This year world coffee prices are low, so our focus will be on coffee quality above all else. Our direct market philosophy doesn’t pay any attention to the bulk wholesale price of coffee, but to a sustainable, equitable pricing that allows for the growers to receive a just price for their coffee. Rather than have some good years, and then years of low prices and economic stagnation for the farmers, we pay a higher, consistent price every year. When prices are low like now, we can insist on better quality and attention to care of the new crop because we’re the best option that actually pays an ethical price. When prices are high though, we’re still able to get great coffee because we’ve built an actual relationship rather than just being another buyer.
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Real People, Really Good Coffee May 2015


Parchment Coffee beans

It’s May and in Peru it is the beginning of the coffee harvest season. Soon, we’ll be heading to Lima and from there to the eastern Andes & the rainforests of Chanchamayo. It’s exhilarating and exciting, yet fraught with uncertainties and that uncomfortable background feeling that one gets when faced with the unknown.

We’re still uncertain how many of the small communities of growers were affected by the massive flooding this year & how the coffee quality will be this year. (see Torrential Rains & Mudslides Continue to Plague Peru.)
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Coffee & Farming News from Peru


Carrying the Coffee

Here’s an update on some recent articles that I’ve seen on farming & coffee production in Peru. This year Peru is slowly climbing back from the coffee rust which decimated production in 2012. Even last year, coffee production was still less than half of 2011.

The dollar has risen considerable vs the Peruvian Sol (currently S./ 3.14 to $1 USD.) Export prices are down, so there should be a good market, but with coffee prices low, it will be a hard year for many & difficult to cover costs.

In the farming country in the south of the country there have been clashes between police and protesters over a proposed copper mine, meanwhile the government is providing fertilizer and aid in other areas.

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Peru News Roundup

Peru News

Fresh Peruvian Asparagus & Blueberries will be exported to the US according to a recent article in El Comercio. Both countries are developing systems to mitigate the risk of pests such as the fruit fly and allow more a more open process for exports to the US.
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Top 6 museums in Peru


A recent article in Peru This Week listed the top 6 museums in Peru. For those interested in ancient cultures and the unique history of Peru (and even chocolate) take note…


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